2017 | Narrative Short | 28 min | Producer | Co-Writer | Co-Director | Co-Editor | Production Design

On the way to their honeymoon, an ordinary couple ends up in the heart of a crooked politician's business, his dangerous thugs and their rival, Pavel, a Russian agent intended to save women from sex trafficking.

WORLD PREMIERE: Bloodstain Indie Film Festival Tokyo


OFFICIAL SELECTION: NYC Chain Film Festival, Lower East Side FF, Midwest Action Festival

STARRING Oleg Karnaukh, Felipe Castro, Edmond Vullioud, Armen Godel, Julie Conti, Robert Szuplewski, Anissa Cadelli, Helene Patricio, Antonio Buil, Jef Saintmartin, François Florey


PRODUCED BY Kevin Haefelin


48 Hour Film Project, Stach Bros, Freestudios, Mase, Elgo Live

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